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She/Her 15 desi unlabeled

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★ 花城爱你

Byf. solo louie, ot22 nctzen, ot8 stay, call stans gay as a joke, i get into ratios to defend my faves.

Dfi. basic criteria, use fonts, larrie( current are fine), defend lucas/ot23, ot9 stay, 4th gen bg multi that throws skz under the bus (obvious ones do not apply if i ff).

Music. nct stray kids aespa ++ exo shinee stayc ravi p1harmony svt
louis tomlinson zayn and more

Media. heaven official's blessing, attack on titan, maid sama, demon slayer, saiki k, death note, hometown cha cha cha, business proposal, 2D1N season 4 not spoiler free sorry