a. i'm Hailey she her desi unlabeled 15 infp-j

Posted 1hr Ago.

b. Links tumblr. pinterest. media acc.

Posted 5hrs Ago.

c. Love chanyeol. girls. coding. haechan. freckles. chan's room. changlix. ningning.

Posted 7hrs Ago.


a. solo louie, ot22 nctzen, ot8 stay, call stans gay as a joke, ok with kys jokes and i use them.

Posted 2hrs Ago.

b. basic dni crit. use fonts, stan 1d/or liam payne, only talk about larry, defend lucas/ot23, ot9 stay, 4th gen bg multi that throws skz under the bus (obvious ones do not apply if i ff).

Posted 8hrs Ago.

c. cr gyuduet, ib angeidiarys

Posted 10hrs Ago.


a. nct stray kids aespa

Posted 3hrs Ago.

b. exo stayc p1harmony exo shinee

Posted 5hrs Ago.

c. louis tomlinson. zayn.

Posted 9hrs Ago.

d. kim seonho. heaven official's blessing. attack on titan. demon slayer. maid sama.

Posted 2 days ago.

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